Marketing and Consulting

Spero Marketing & Consulting

What do we do?

Spero helps to clearly and effectively communicate vision and mission to engage constituents and create dynamic cultures for growth.

Our job is to foster the environment where those who are engaged want to give generously of themselves - time, talent and treasure.

With experience in Catholic ministries, parishes, dioceses, and schools, Spero brings a unique perspective to advancing your mission. Our goal is to stimulate the excitement and capabilities that already exist in your organization and among your supporters.

Vision Statement

Spero unleashes the organizational, financial and spiritual potential of authentic Catholic initiatives to radically ignite the faith.



Development & Stewardship

Spero Marketing & Consulting

Create community and stimulate your organizational strengths to draw generosity naturally from those engaged in your mission.


Strategic Guidance

Spero Marketing & Consulting

We will help you rediscover why you do what you do, and what made it so special to begin with.


Volunteer Engagement

Spero Marketing & Consulting

Identify, recruit and manage the volunteers that will lift your parish or organization to a new place.


Organizational Audit

Spero Marketing & Consulting

Identifying strengths and weaknesses, areas for improvement and areas for amplification

Creative Design

Spero Marketing & Consulting

Visual products that reflect the Spirit in your mission.

Creative Direction and Content

Spero Marketing & Consulting

Content inspired by the “why” behind your mission.

Who we are

Christian Nielsen

Christian has worked with over 100 parishes and pastors in the Archdiocese of Boston, creating development programs and helping to work through the challenges faced by our communities today. He works to engage laity in advancing the mission of the Church, implementing development strategies to build a culture of stewardship and intentional generosity. Christian has a degree in advertising from Quinnipiac University and a background in public relations serving the healthcare, biotech, startup and nonprofit sectors. He was the co-founder in college of a nonprofit that worked in Nicaragua, helping students to learn English and leadership skills.

Darcie Nielsen

Darcie was the Director of the Catholic apostolate Live the Fast for three years and on the board for four, helping the organization to 501(c)3 status and gaining international recognition. She was previously a communications coordinator for a Catholic high school and has consulted countless design projects on behalf of ministries around New England. Darcie has a degree in graphic design and integrated media, and masters in communications management. She is the Catholic Religious Advisor at Simmons College, her alma mater. She loves to share her journey in the faith and her writing can be found at


Values and Principles



Hope - We operate with the knowledge that in all situations there is a way forward.

Trust - We work hard on what God is calling us to each day, with the trust that the results are in His hands.

Faith - While fully dedicated to serving clients, we recognize that our own prayer life and relationship with Jesus have to remain our first vocation.

Meekness - We recognize that we are instruments of the Holy Spirit and by remaining little we gain perspective.


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